Year 5

Parent Curriculum Evening


Please support your child’s pleasure in reading. Bookbags should be brought in every day.


Beech and Carob will have PE on Thursday and Hazel will have PE on Friday - please come to school wearing your PE kit for the day. Please ensure your child wears the appropriate kit.

How You Can Help At Home

  • Set aside a quiet time and help them practise spellings and reading every day.  Remember to ask children questions about what they have read to improve comprehension.
  • Year 5 is expected to know all their timestables (including divisions) up to 12x12. Help them practise and test them!
  • You can research about the earth, sun and moon  using the Internet and by visiting the library.

Year 5 Highlights

There aren't any highlights for this school year just yet, but you can still take a look at our best bits from past years.