It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Cayley Primary where we provide the finest educational experience for every single child at our inspirational and thriving school.

Our holistic and well-rounded approach towards education provides an exceptional foundation for life-long learning, and we ensure that each child has the opportunity to grow in self-confidence, academic success and artistic endeavours. We do this by providing a broad curriculum, opportunities for wide-ranging extracurricular provision and ensuring learner-centred lessons.

We have an embedded culture of innovation, aspiration and dedication; this is continually driven by: our passionate and dedicated staff, our ambitious and committed pupils, and all those within our local community.

Life at Cayley Primary School is an engaging learning journey from Nursery through to Year 6; the experiences gained from your child’s time with us will last a lifetime. They will understand what it means to be a ‘Cayley child’ and how they are a part of many wider communities; local, national and global. We use our core values to support all our pupils to become exceptional future citizens.

Cayley is a happy school where our pupils feel a sense of belonging and pride, show respect for all and always aim to be the very best they can be. Our wide, varied and rich provision enable the teachers to know their pupils, their unique strengths and the avenues in which to enable each pupil to reach their full potential.

You are most welcome to contact us to find out why Cayley is so special. We would be delighted to tour you around and answer any questions you may have.

Yours truly,

Graham Clifford


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