The Governing Body is made up from staff members, parents, people from the community and from the Local Education Authority (LEA).

Together, they take decisions on school policies, where money is spent, what is taught, and where the school is aiming to go. They can be involved in selecting new staff, and act as critical friends to the Headteacher and the School Leadership Team.

Anyone with an interest in the school can become a Governor - there are no special qualifications. If you would like to know more, please contact the school office.

What do Governors do?

  • Together with the headteacher they are responsible for making sure our school provides good quality education.
  • They provide challenge and support to the headteacher, drawing on their knowledge and experience.
  • They make decisions together on matters such as performance, targets, school policies and the school development plan.
  • They monitor the impact of policies and oversee school budgets and staffing.
  • They report on school achievements and respond to inspection recommendations.
  • They hear appeals from pupils and staff and consider complaints.
  • They ask searching questions and respect the position of the headteacher as a professional leader of the school.

Our Governors

If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors, this can only be done via the school office. Letters addressed to the Co-Chairs will be forwarded to them.

Christopher Worthington

Co-chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor

I have been a governor at Cayley for 11 years, and am currently chair of the Finance & General Purposes Committee. I studied chemistry at university but now work for a finance organisation in the City of London. My wife and I have lived in Tower Hamlets for the last 8 years, and when not at...

Marcia Cameron

Co-chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor

Graham Clifford


Ankita Stopa

Co-opted Governor

Having lived in Tower Hamlets since 2000, Ankita is working and raising a family in Canary Wharf. Having read Chemical Engineering followed by Japanese Studies at university, she moved in to technical product and brand management in the packaging industry for her early career. More recently, she...

Christen Dali

Co-opted Governor

Christen grew up in Belgium before moving to the UK for university. A Chartered Accountant, she studied Business Management and has worked in various roles in corporate and investment banking for the last 10 years. In parallel, Christen trained as a ballet dancer into adulthood and remains...

Rezaul Hussain

Co-opted Governor

Hameda Begum

Parent Governor

I am a teacher and have worked in various schools in Tower hamlets over the years. I graduated with a degree in economics and worked in the city as a media consultant for many years. I have four children, two of them attend Cayley. I have travelled to many countries and experienced different...

Hasan Chowdhury

Parent Governor

I am a resident of Tower Hamlets and both my children attend Cayley Primary School. Currently I am a fundraising manager in a charity organisation based in London. Education is very important to me and has been a prominent part of my life. My mother is a senior teacher in high school and my father...

Rochelle Clarke

Clerk to Governors

Tom Harriott

Co-opted Governor

Tom is an experienced senior leader in London secondary schools, currently working in Croydon. He has a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Cambridge and continues to engage in educational research both in the UK and abroad, with a focus on improving educational outcomes for all young...

Rob Pinniger

Associate Staff Governor

Rob has been the Music Lead at Cayley since September 2022 and has 9 years of experience in primary music education and leadership. He is a passionate teacher of music and performing arts, creative mediums that he has been working in since the age of 7. As a music graduate, Rob has worked...

Andrew Tattaris

Staff Governor

Andew has been a teacher at Cayley for more than 10 years and is also the middle leader for mathematics across the school. During his time at Cayley, Andrew has been very proud to work alongside such inspirational staff who always strive to provide the very best education for the children. One of...


LA Governor - working with the LA to find candidate.

Additional Information

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24th January 2022 - Full Governing Body Meeting

19th May 2022 - Full Governing Body Meeting

4th May 2022 - Full Governing Body Meeting

18th October 2021 - Full Governing Body

29th November 2021 - Resources Committee

6th July 2020 - Full Governing Body Meeting

2nd March 2020 - Full Governing Body Meeting

20th January 2020 - Full Governing Body Meeting

7th October 2019 - Full Governing Body Meeting

25th November 2019 - Full Governing Body Meeting

8th July 2019 - Full Governing Body Meeting

8th July 2019 - Finance & General Purposes Committee

7th September 2020 - Full Governing Body Meeting

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