Our Community

We know that successful learning takes place when we work together with our families. This makes partnerships central to our work.

Being part of our local community is very important. We feel a responsibility to help children understand the diverse community in which we live. We want to  become a focal point of life in the community which is so important in developing our school as a learning community.

We work hard to involve parents in the life of school and are committed to developing links between home and school through events such as our Exhibition, Family Learning programmes with the Stepney Partnership, Performances and through our constant desire to maintain an open door policy.

Our vision is working when our school community say:


  • I enjoy going to my school and my achievements are celebrated 
  • School is welcoming, caring, nurturing and happy 
  • I am proud of our school 
  • I am resilient and my wellbeing is important.
  • I know that it is important to be honest, truthful and responsible and to show respect and consideration for others 
  • Everyone is safe to explore and develop values of care, respect, honesty, tolerance and integrity 
  • I have  a Growth Mindset, sharing and valuing learning through great teamwork



  • Learning is interesting and exciting 
  • Clubs are creative and enrich learning experiences 
  • I feel valued and accepted by everyone 
  • I understand and respect that people are all different and I enjoy the diversity and exploring the variety of ways in which different people live 


  • I expect and am encouraged to do my best in everything
  • I am encouraged and given the freedom to explore excite and excel