Trips, Visits and Workshops

Residential Visits

Year 5 pupils have the opportunity to attend a residential trip which provides them with enjoyable opportunities to challenge their physical skills, make new friends and become more independent.  

All trips and learning outside of the classroom are thoroughly planned by a member of staff nominated as group leader to ensure the pupils’ health, safety and well-being is of paramount importance.

Be sure to have a look in our newsletters to see the exciting places our pupils have been visiting!

Learning outside the Classroom

Educational trips and learning outside the classroom are an integral part of life at Cayley Primary School.  Trips and visits are arranged to coincide with the topics they are learning about in the classroom.  This ensures that pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills can be developed through personal discovery which may not be achievable in the classroom.  Some of the learning opportunities outside the classroom include; the school grounds, the local environment and parks, galleries, museums and places further afield.