Our school uniform is based on the belief that the school uniform:

  • Promotes a sense of pride in our school;
  • Helps to create a sense of community and belonging towards the school;
  • Identifies the children with the school;
  • Supports our commitment to inclusion;
  • Is practical, smart and designed with health and safety in mind;
  • Is considered good value for money by most parents;

The Equality Act 2010 prohibits discrimination against an individual based on the protected characteristics, which include sex, race, religion or belief, and gender reassignment.

To avoid discrimination, our school will:

  • Avoid listing uniform items based on sex, to give all pupils the opportunity to wear the uniform they feel most comfortable in or that most reflects their self-identified gender
  • Make sure that our uniform costs the same for all pupils
  • Allow all pupils to have long hair (though we reserve the right to ask for this to be tied back)
  • Allow all pupils to style their hair in the way that is appropriate for school yet makes them feel most comfortable
  • Allow pupils to request changes to swimwear for religious reasons
  • Allow pupils to wear headscarves and other religious or cultural symbols
  • Allow for adaptations to our policy on the grounds of equality by asking pupils or their parents to get in touch with Graham Clifford, who can answer questions about the policy and respond to any requests 

Cost of the School Uniform

Our school has a duty to make sure that the uniform we require is affordable, in line with statutory guidance from the Department for Education on the cost of school uniform. We understand that items with distinctive characteristics (such as items that have to have a school logo) cannot be purchased from a wide range of retailers.

We will make sure our uniform:

  • Is available at a reasonable cost
  • Provides the best value for money for parents/carers

We will do this by:

  • Carefully considering whether any items with distinctive characteristics are necessary
  • Limiting any items with distinctive characteristics where possible
  • Limiting items with distinctive characteristics to low-cost or long-lasting items, such as ties
  • Avoiding specific requirements for items pupils could wear on non-school days, such as coats, bags and shoes
  • Making sure that arrangements are in place for parents to acquire second-hand uniform items
  • Avoiding frequent changes to uniform specifications and minimising the financial impact on parents of any changes
  • Ensuring any proposed significant changes to the uniform policy are carefully decided upon and considering any complaints about the policy

Expectations for our school community


Pupils are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times (other than specified non-school uniform days) while:

  • On the school premises
  • Travelling to and from school
  • At out-of-school events or on trips that are organised by the school, or where they are representing the school (if required)

Parents and carers

Parents and carers are expected to make sure their child has the correct uniform and PE kit, and that every item is:

  • Clean
  • Clearly labelled with the child’s name
  • In good condition 

Staff and families

Staff will closely monitor pupils to make sure they are in correct uniform, understanding that any families experiencing financial hardship are to be directed to the pastoral team for assistance. There may also be a short transitional phase where some old uniform may need to be worn. Family circumstances regarding uniform will be addressed on a family by family basis.

Cayley's school uniform

All items should be clearly labelled with the child’s name.

EYFS and KS1

  • Green v-neck sweatshirt or cardigan with Cayley Logo
  • White polo shirt with Cayley logo
  • Grey long trousers
  • Grey skirt (skirt should be knee length)
  • Grey tights
  • Black shoes (non-logo black trainers are acceptable)
  • Green headscarves/hijab
  • Green book bag with Cayley logo
  • Waterproof, warm coat
  • Green gingham dress


  • Green v-neck sweatshirt or cardigan with Cayley logo
  • White long or short sleeved shirt
  • Cayley school tie
  • Grey long trousers
  • Grey skirt (skirt should be knee length)
  • Black/grey tights
  • Black shoes (non-logo black trainers are acceptable)
  • Green Headscarves/hijab
  • Green book bag with Cayley logo
  • Waterproof, warm coat
  • Green gingham dress

PE Kit

  • Grey shorts or grey joggers (no logo)
  • Green Polo shirt with Cayley logo
  • Grey sweatshirt
  • Trainers
  • P.E. bag (Cayley logo bag optional)

Swimming Kit

  • Fitted swimming costume
  • Swimming cap
  • Towel
  • Plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Goggles are optional

Hair, Jewellery and accessories

  • No jewellery allowed except for a watch and only small, plain studs if children have pierced ears.  These need to be covered with tape during PE.
  • Watches – to be analogue or digital.  No smart watches. 
  • Hair accessories are to be kept to a discreet minimum - neither large bows nor headbands with decorative pieces are allowed. 
  • Nail varnish should not be worn in school.

Where to purchase it

Branded items such as jumpers, cardigans, polo shirts, ties, P.E bags and book bags can be purchased from Ocean Designs or Khalsa Schoolwear.


10 Watney Market, London, E1 2PR

Telephone: 020 7702 8881

Email: info@oceandesignsschoolwear.co.uk

Website: www.oceandesignsschoolwear.co.uk


Bethnal Green Store: 388-390 Bethnal Green Rd, London, E2 0AH

Telephone: 020 7729 3286

Email: gurpreet@khalsaschoolwear.co.uk

Website: www.khalsaschoolwear.co.uk


Unbranded items can be purchased from supermarkets or retail stores.