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Keeping Children Safe Online

At Cayley we believe the internet is an essential part of children's learning. It offers a huge range of useful and educational material and information. It is an important part of teaching and learning across the curriculum.

We take the safety of children very seriously, both in the real world and online. Use these resources to help your child make SMART decisions about using the internet and new technologies.

Be Safe! Be Smart Online!



CV19 support for parents to keep chidlren safe online

Acceptable Use Policies

Reporting a Concern

if you are using DB Primary you can report a concern by clicking on the whistle button:

DB Primary whistle

Many websites visited by children allow you to report a concern by clicking ont CEOP button. If you're worried about online grooming or sexual behaviour or the way someone has been communicating online, let CEOP know. 

CEOP helpline

Children are encouraged to express their concerns to a trusted adult at school or home.

If you need immediate help or have an emergency you should call 999

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