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Values Assemblies - Mahmud on Kindness & Respect

Assembly Movie 10.1.22.mp4

Yasmin's Assembly on Community

Cayley's Values Assembly - Community.mp4

Kerys Assembly on Explore and Discover

Kerys video.mp4

Ankita Assembly on Learning and Achieving

Cayley's Value Assembly - Learning and Achieving.mp4

Frankie Assembly on Opinions and Thoughts

Cayley's Values Assembly - Thoughts and Opinions.mp4

Social Media Safety

Zoom assembly 02.07.21

Key Stage 1

Star Awards 07.05.21

Key Stage 2

Peace Zoom assembly 21.05.21

KS2 Assembly Aspire Higher 2

rushanaraalizoomvid assembly.mp4

Key Stage One World Book Day

WBD assembly

Celebrating International Mother Language Day 2021

KS2 Assembly - Aspire Higher

3zoomassembly240pmp4 Aspire Higher.mp4
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