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Breakfast Club runs daily from 8am until 8.45 when the children go to their classrooms to read.

Places are limited and if you would like to put your child’s name on the waiting list please go to the office – Children need to arrive before 8.30am to have breakfast

– this is not a childcare facility and children must not be left without prior consent.

Magic Breakfast

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For the Want of a Breakfast

For want of a breakfast, the concentration was lost;
For want of concentration, the learning was lost;
For want of the learning, the exam grades were lost;
For want of the grades, the job was lost;
For want of the job, the future was lost;
All for want of a child’s breakfast.

8.00 - 8.40 am

Due to a higher demand for Breakfast club places, we have expanded the number of places available for Breakfast club:

  • The breakfast club is open to all children It will run every day the school is open.
  • We will have a maximum of 32 children in the breakfast club.
  • Priority is given to: Vulnerable children and then children from working or studying parents (supported by evidence).
  • The children who will be given a place in breakfast club will keep their place, as long as they continue to meet the identified priorities; pay their fees and if they do not misbehave repeatedly.
  • We will operate a waiting list for parents who indicate they are in need of a childcare place due to work or study.

We charge £2 per day for Breakfast Club to cover the cost of staffing. Food is provided free of charge by Magic Breakfast. Please see the office for exemptions.

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