Wild Life Works Pond

The Wild Life Works pond is part of our long-term project to increase biodiversity and improve air quality around the school.

What we can do about our local environment and climate change is a key part of the curriculum. Before the pandemic, we fund raised and got the Cayley Urban hedge installed at the back gate. We are actively promoting healthy travel and clean air and won a mural competition with a Year 1 child’s design on walking and cycling to school. This has just been finished at the back gate.

Kenneth Greenway from Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, forest leader and local biodiversity and pond digging expert, will lead a team of volunteers to dig and plant around the new pond in October. (The old existing pond leaks and foxes have dug out the edges so is no longer fit for purpose).

We intend to develop the wild garden into a resource that we and other community groups can use to study wild life, and for Forest school. We want to attract amphibians and also plant nectar rich flowering shrubs for bees, dragonflies, butterflies and many other invertebrates. We plan to run a parent group to maintain the garden and help children grow vegetables in raised beds. Unless people have first hand experience of nature it is very hard for them to care about it or realise that we are all part of it.​

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"New wildlife pond at Cayley School" by Judith Stanley-Smith

Thanks to funding from the Tower Hill Trust’s Tower Habitats biodiversity grants and from Igneo Infrastructure Partners, and the hard work of some corporate volunteers, we have a new wildlife pond as the centrepiece to our Wild Life Works school garden.


Insect, Bird and amphibian drawings fund raiser for the Wild Life Works Garden

This will help us with the funds needed to complete Cayley’s Wild Life Works Garden!