Parent Curriculum Evening

Book bags

Please support your child’s pleasure in reading. Book bags should be brought in every day, and books are changed on Mondays and Thursdays.


All Reception children will have PE on Wednesday - please come to school wearing your PE kit for the day. Please ensure your child wears the appropriate kit.

Encouraging your child’s learning at home

Make use of the Home Learning Pack of free educational resources, together. Your child might like to:

  • practise writing her/his name, the letters s/he is learning at school, or to draw a picture and write labels using what s/he has learned about the letters and sounds. (Use the tips sheets as a reminder about how the letters are formed.)
  • Share together the books your child brings home in the book bag.
  • Use playdough or pegs, small objects for counting, and trips to the park to build finger strength and movement skills.
  • Please check that your child does not bring any of his/her toys to school!

Bedtime Routines

Pleasant bedtime routines ease the transition from being awake to being asleep by helping children feel more secure and comfortable about what they can expect at the end of every day and ensures sufficient energy levels for learning the next day. To create a bedtime routine that works for you, put together a predictable sequence of events that you can consistently follow in the same order every night. The actual routine will evolve and change as your child grows, but the basics remain the same. At this age, the bedtime routine might involve the process of having a bath, putting on pyjamas, brushing teeth and reading to them.

Running, playing tickling games, watching action-packed TV shows or videos will make peaceful transition to sleep especially difficult. Bedtime routines work best if you reserve the hour before bedtime for quiet activities. This will lower your child's activity level and prepare their nervous system for relaxation.

Early Years Prospectus

Cayley Primary School is a creative, inspirational, happy school where our nurturing community supports all children to flourish.

Situated in the heart of Stepney, East London, we are fully inclusive school which serves a diverse community and are proud of the languages, cultures and traditions that we share and celebrate.

Reception Highlights

There aren't any highlights for this school year just yet, but you can still take a look at our best bits from past years.