Family Homework

Family Homework is a Stepney Partnership programme with a central premise that children and their families will work collaboratively on a range of activities during the holiday periods. The aim is to get families more involved in, and with, their children's learning.

Family Homework - Summer 2 2022 - Sneaky Summer Learning

Encourage your child to spend at least 10 minutes a day reading for pleasure. Let them choose a book they enjoy and engage in a conversation with them about what they have read.

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18th July 2022

Family Homework - Summer 1 2022 - Journeys

Every school holiday, families across the Stepney Partnership enjoy taking part in our ‘Family Homework’. Children, siblings and parents/carers learn together and have fun trying new activities. This half-term’s homework invites you to learn all...

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26th May 2022

Family Homework - Spring 2 2022 - Outer Space

Research space facts about the planets, the galaxy or even the moon. Find out about shooting stars or the black hole.

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31st March 2022

Family Homework - Spring 1 2022 - The Future

What job would you like to have when you grow up? Draw a picture of you working in that job and write why you would like to have that job when you are an adult.

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11th February 2022

Family Homework - Autumn 2 2021 - Celebrations

Make a calendar of the twelve months of the year and find a celebration for each month.

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17th December 2021

Family Homework - Autumn 1 2021 - Dinosaurs

Write a report about your favourite dinosaur.

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22nd October 2021

Family Homework Winners