Medical and Health


Children with asthma can bring in their asthma pump or inhaler. If your child has a medical condition that requires daily medication at set times please arrange to see a member of the office team.

Health & Medicals

The school nursing service forms part of your child’s school health team. Our School Nurse has three main roles: to give confidential advice and care to young people and parents or carers; to support parents/young people to look after their physical and emotional health, and to make sure other people know what you need to be healthy and to make sure children and young people with health issues receive the right NHS care and specialist services.

The school nursing team will complete workshops for parents on a range of medical issues (asthma, minor ailments, health and safety in the home) across the year. The team will also complete health assessments for all children when they start primary school and all children in Reception and Year 6 are given the opportunity to be weighed / measured. The school nurse will also provide a yearly health assessment for all children in care and support for education staff where a child has a serious health condition.

Our current School Community Nurse is Chito Victoria Okeke.

Illness & Accidents

Please make sure the school has an up to date telephone number you can be contacted on in case of emergency, and that you have provided an alternative contact if it should be required.

For children who become ill or have a serious accident, parents/carers will be contacted immediately and given the details. Parents are expected to collect (or make arrangements) for the child to be collected as soon as possible. Our qualified First Aiders will look after any children who have an accident. Parents are notified of any accidents, especially a bump on the head, and all accidents are investigated and recorded.

Dental Care

More than two out of five children in England did not visit an NHS dentist in the past year.

Oral health is integral to the overall health of children.